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What are the benefits of a Web Based Back Office System?

Over recent years Web Based Back Office Systems have evolved due to improvements in security and technological advances and, in many cases, Web Based Systems offer significant advantages compared to traditional software applications. Some of the core benefits that a Web Based Back Office System could bring to a company looking to explore this technology include:

Cost Efficiency

A bespoke Web Based Office System can automate your business processes, freeing your time up to focus on your business.  It can also eliminate inefficiencies in your current business operations, allowing business resource to be reallocated to more proactive activities and profitable areas of the business.  Naturally this can potentially lead to savings in staff costs, elimination of inefficiences, increased sales and increased profitability.

Streamlined Business Process

In most businesses, deploying a web based back office system will lead to the streamlining and improvement of business processes. Traditional, out-dated paper based business processes can be modernised and processed electronically via a Web Based System. These business process improvements will not only affect employee productivity but also save time and costs.

Highly Accessible

The beauty of a Web Based Back Office System is how accessible it is when compared to traditional software applications. Access to a Web Based System can be gained from any location as long as the user has access to a web browser and an internet connection. This means that the system can be accessed at remote locations by end users, clients and 3rd parties and opens up business opportunities such as home working, web portals for easy file sharing or automatic progress updates with customers.

Cross Platform Compatibility

A great advantage that a Web Based Back Office System can bring to any company is that they only require an up to date browser such as Internet Explorer, Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox and are not bound by the restrictions of the businesses operating system. Whether the business runs Windows, Mac OS or Linux, a Web Based System will run providing that an internet browser and internet connection is available for the end user.

Easily Managed and Updated

Web Based Back Office Systems only need to be installed once on the company's server or remote secure server, rather than separately installed on each of the end users workstations. This makes any updates to the Web Based System quick and easy to roll out.


Due to advances in security and technology, Web Based Back Office Systems have come a long way and can now offer businesses of all natures many advantages. PJ Web Solutions have already helped many of our clients save costs and radically improve their business process with the build of a bespoke Web Based System. Examples of some of our Web Based Back Office Systems are included within our Case Studies section. 

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