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Setting up Google Analytics

Google Analytics is a flexible and useful marketing tool that can provide you with an indepth insight into your website’s performance – by enabling you to monitor and measure information such as how many hits your site receives, how many pages were visited, and even at what point visitors are leaving your site.

It’s also possible to analyse how visitors use the site by setting up “events” and “goals” that will track visitor actions.

The information that Google Analytics provides can be extremely powerful if it is set up and processed correctly. It’s an ideal way of determining your websites’ strengths and highlights areas of your site that can be improved. Here’s a quick ‘How To’ guide of how to go about setting up Google Analytics for your website.

Step 1

You will need to create a Google Account in order to gain access to Google Analytics; this is free and will give you access to other Google services as well as Analytics. To create your account visit and follow the step by step instructions on how to sign up.

Step 2

After you have created your Google account the next step is to visit the Google Analytics web site – – and click on the sign up button at the top right hand side of the screen. You will then be prompted to sign in using your Google account username and password and you’ll be directed to the following webpage where you need to sign up to analytics.

After logging in you will then be prompted to enter details about your website etc, this is all self explanatory if you follow the instructions provided. The account name will be the name of the report produced for your website. If you leave this section blank, it will default to your website’s web address.

The next steps are simply adding your contact details and accepting Google’s term and conditions.

Step 3

If everything above has been entered correctly, HTML code will be generated and displayed in the box. This is the code which effectively analyses your website and provides you with the information on your visitors. Finally click ‘Save and Finish’ at the bottom of the page and you are complete.

If you would like PJ Web to insert this code on your website, please contact us on

We also offer an enhanced service as part of a full SEO campaign or as a standalone service. This includes:

  • Full briefing meeting to discuss your goals
  • Advice on events and goals that can be added to your website
  • Regular reporting on web traffic, trends and behaviour
  • How to use the information to make website improvements

For more information contact Chris on 01204 328580