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Google Analytics – Goals & Funnelling

Google Analytics is a very powerful free tool that can enable website owners to track visitors and monitor their behaviour whilst on their website. Basic information such as number of visitors, time on page and bounce rates can be accessed quickly and can be useful to know. There is however far more to Google Analytics than these simple statistics which can be used to give a far more detailed insight into how your website is performing.

Tracking Goals & Conversions

Tracking your websites Goals & Conversions is essential when attempting to establish whether or not your website is a success. All websites exist to have a goal and establishing whether or not these goals are being fulfilled will ultimately tell you if your website is a success or failure. Examples of some of the goals that Google Analytics can track are:

  • The purchase of a product or service
  • The download of a document / image from your website
  • The clicking of a particular link within your website
  • The signing up of a newsletter

The results of your goals will give you an indication if your website is succeeding in its purpose and can highlight areas of your website that you may need to improve on.

Conversion Funnels


PJ Web Solutions can also implement conversion funnelling which is another very effective way of measuring how successful your website is. Funnelling monitors visitor behaviour when users enter certain processes on your website such as your checkout system. The below diagram shows an example of how setting up funnelling can reveal important information about certain points in a payment process and what pages may need working on in order to increase sales and to avoid visitors dropping out at certain points:

Funneling process in Google Analytics

If you would like PJ Web Solutions to implement Google Analytics on your website or if you already have Google Analytics and would like goal and conversion tracking implementing then please give Chris a call on 01204 328580 or email