Benefits of Having a Mobile Website


The way we browse the Internet is changing at an astonishing pace. The boom in Smartphones such as iPhone and Android mean that we can access information via the Internet on the move anyplace, anywhere. According to Mobify mobile devices account for around 31% of website traffic which leaves business owners with no choice other than to embrace these changes by ensuring that their corporate website is optimised for mobile visitors.

Benefits of a Mobile Website

Benefits of a Mobile Website

Top 5 Benefits of a Mobile Website:


A Better User Experience

Whilst most modern Smartphones can display the desktop version of your website the overall browsing experience in the majority of cases will be sub standard to say the least. Smartphones have a lot of limitations that need to be addressed in order to provide your visitors with a positive browsing experience.

Much smaller screen size means that users will have to pinch, drag and rotate the screen in an attempt to read content and click on links. This can quickly become frustrating due to mistakenly clicking on incorrect links and results in a very poor user experience.

A lot of desktop websites offer a sub navigation which is normally displayed upon mouse hover on the parent page meaning that on a mobile website this would be impossible to reach without a specific mobile optimised version. Having a well optimised mobile website would ensure that all navigation is easily accessed via a touch screen without the need to zoom or rotate the device.

Improved SEO Rankings

Mobile friendly search engines such as Google give higher rankings to mobile optimised websites than desktop websites meaning that having a mobile website could be a great opportunity to generate more traffic to your website.

Gives a Competitive Edge

According to Adobe 2013 Digital Marketing Optimisation Survey only 45% of businesses in the UK have a mobile optimised website meaning that there is a good chance you can gain a competitive advantage by ensuring that your business does by standing out and showing you are a company who takes technology seriously and embraces it.

Takes Download Speed into Consideration

Having a mobile website ensures that your website is optimised for users who are not on high speed connections. There is a good chance that the if person viewing your website is using a mobile device they are not connected to a broadband connection and are more likely to be using a 3G connection or less.

Improved Branding Opportunities

Having a well designed, modern mobile website makes you and your companies brand stand out and instantly communicates a sense of professionalism to visitors.

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