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Adam does a skydive from 15,000 feet


Adam Holmes, one of our developers at PJ Web Solutions has made the decision to complete a year of challenges (#AdamsChallenge) in an effort to raise as much money as possible for The Christie. The challenges that Adam is under taking range from 10K runs, military style mud bathed assault courses to jumping out of a plane 15,000 feet up!

Adam Complete's No Ego Mud Challenge #AdamsChallenge

Adam Complete’s No Ego Mud Challenge

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UK Smartphone Mobile Browsing Statistics

The amount of people who currently own a Smartphone in the UK is increasing at an alarming rate and I would guess that out of all the people you know you could count on one hand the people who do not own a Smartphone. One upshot of the world going mobile is the way we are retrieving information via the web. No longer are we sitting behind our PC’s or Laptop’s and viewing websites, we want to view websites on the move, from any location via our Smartphone’s and tablets.


Volume of the UK audience who own a Smartphone

A survey from comScore actually shows that around 49,500,000 people in the UK alone have a Smartphone which amounts to around 64% of the population.

UK Mobile Audience

UK Mobile Audience



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Benefits of Having a Mobile Website


The way we browse the Internet is changing at an astonishing pace. The boom in Smartphones such as iPhone and Android mean that we can access information via the Internet on the move anyplace, anywhere. According to Mobify mobile devices account for around 31% of website traffic which leaves business owners with no choice other than to embrace these changes by ensuring that their corporate website is optimised for mobile visitors.

Benefits of a Mobile Website

Benefits of a Mobile Website

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Impending Office Move

Yet again PJ Web Solutions are packing up and moving offices due to continued expansion! After just over 2 years at our new offices we need new space to expand further and have found the perfect premisies within a stone’s throw of the current office.

We have no set date when the move is going ahead however we hope to be in our new home by August 2013. Of course this will mean another new address which we will publish closer to the time.

Again this goes to show what a fantastic journey PJ Web have been on since its birth in 1999 working out of a single office at home. Again our new offices will allow us to expand even further and bring further developers on board to join our already skilled team.

Web Based Systems Development

Web Based Systems or Applications are systems that sit on a web server that are accessible from any location by anybody who has access to a web browser and is connected to the internet.

All Web Based Systems developed by PJ Web Solutions are fully bespoke and are specifically built to suit the needs of each individual client. PJ Web Solutions pride ourselves by ensuring we fully immerse ourselves with the customer to ensure we build a Web Based System that will exceed expectations and deliver exactly what is required.

If you feel that your business could benefit from a Web Based System feel free to give PJ Web Solutions a call on 01204 328580 and we will me more than happy to have a chat about your requirements and go through how developing a bespoke Web Based System can help streamline your business process.

Some of the Advantages that developing a Web Based System can bring your company are:

  • Increased Cost Efficiency
  • Streamline Business Process
  • Highly Accessible
  • Cross Platform Compatibility
  • Easily Managed and Updated

If you would like more information about Web Based Systems Development by PJ Web Solutions give Chris a call on 01204 328580 or email

Web Development Team Expansion

We’re pleased to announce that Jason Lee joined us as web developer on 10th April 2012. Jason is a highly experienced web developer with excellent technical knowledge and superb customer service skills. He is a welcome addition to the web development team at PJ Web.

PJ Web expands the development team

Jason Lee – Web Developer

Jason qualified as an Audio & Video Engineer from Salford in 1993 and initially started out at Manchester Metropolitan University as an AV Technician. Whilst there he developed some of the earliest web projects for the University including their online prospectus. Having done 2 stints in the private sector and 1 more in the public sector, Jason decided it was time to expand his skills and move on to a company that could present plenty of diversity and opportunity for personal development. Self taught, Jasons’ skills include (X)HTML, PHP, JavaScript, CSS, MySQL and Photoshop. Jason prides himself with a keen eye for detail!

He will be taking responsibility for a few key accounts for PJ Web, as well as developing new web projects for the company.


Why I bought an iPad and why I’m glad I did

My thoughts after using my first iPad for a weekend

Just to get it out of the way, I’m not what would be described as an Apple fan boy. I don’t own an iPhone, nor a Mac; I have a first-gen iPod touch which I rarely use. I’m used to Windows products and I’m not particularly big on trying to impress my personal tech preferences onto others. Usually.After queuing in a PC World for an hour on Friday, I came home with the iPad model I’d wanted (a 16gb 3G model). My reasons for wanting it (I could try to convince myself I needed it – but I didn’t think I did, it was pretty much impulsive) were mainly:

  • Portable TV
  • (iPlayer, ITV, Sky Sports)
  • Twitter
  • Email
  • Newspapers
  • Media Centre

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