Why I bought an iPad and why I’m glad I did

My thoughts after using my first iPad for a weekend

Just to get it out of the way, I’m not what would be described as an Apple fan boy. I don’t own an iPhone, nor a Mac; I have a first-gen iPod touch which I rarely use. I’m used to Windows products and I’m not particularly big on trying to impress my personal tech preferences onto others. Usually.After queuing in a PC World for an hour on Friday, I came home with the iPad model I’d wanted (a 16gb 3G model). My reasons for wanting it (I could try to convince myself I needed it – but I didn’t think I did, it was pretty much impulsive) were mainly:

  • Portable TV
  • (iPlayer, ITV, Sky Sports)
  • Twitter
  • Email
  • Newspapers
  • Media Centre

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PJ Web’s Email Marketing System Mailman Continues to Grow!

Since the launch of our own in house Email Marketing system ‘Mailman’ PJ Web have helped many clients promote, inform and drive traffic to their customer’s websites. PJ Web believe via feedback from many clients who currently use Mailman as their preferred email marketing tool that it is Mailman’s sheer ease of use and excellent pricing structure which is why it has been such a success. Mailman continues to grow as more and more existing customers are now opting to use Mailman over the larger more generic email marketing systems.

We have some customers who still opt to use the larger email marketing systems as their preferred system due to the fact Mailman does not allow the use of bought in lists. We work with customers of this nature by creating the HTML templates for them to import into their current email marketing system as they find our templates to be personal and represent the brand of the company much better than generic templates offered by the larger email marketing systems.

All in all a very successful launch for PJ Web’s email marketing system ‘Mailman’ and we expect continued growth in this service into 2011. If you would like to enquire about email marketing or would like a branded HTML template created around your business brand then please call 0161 799 8555 and speak to either Sarah or Chris.

Top 5 Tips to passing the Google Adwords Exam

Want to pass the New Google Adwords Exam? PJ Web Solutions employee Chris Ellison explains his Top 5 Tips to passing the Google Adwords Exam.

What’s New on the Google Adwords Certification Program?

Well the first major change to passing the Google Adwords Certification program is it now requires a candidate to successfully pass two exams rather than the old style of one exam. In addition to taking an extra exam, Google have also increased the pass score for the Fundamentals exam percentage from 75% to 85%. Whilst seemingly a rather large increase, this certainly gives passing the exam that extra bit of credibility and shows potential customers that indeed you do know your Google Adwords.

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Salford’s Heritage – Weaste Cemetery

The Weaste Cemetery Heritage and Ecology Trail is suitable for anyone in the Salford and Manchester area who’s interested in history. The new content managed website for Weaste Cemetery has just been launched in time for their important November events, including an Armistice Day event for local schools and a new Guided Tour featuring famous Salford citizens.

There’s a large database of biographies of notable Salford people buried at Weaste and also a facility to upload your own ancestors’ details to the site. If you have an ancestor that died in the Great War and is buried at Weaste, there’s a separate database that you can search. The resources section is ideal for those interested in local history and 2011 events are being posted regularly – for more information visit www.weasteheritagetrail.co.uk. We were delighted to have been involved in the web development for Weaste Cemetery – a truly enjoyable and unusual project for us to carry out.

How to set email up on the iPhone

How to set email up on the iPhone is a question that PJ Web Solutions gets asked an awful lot. In fact so much so, we decided that we would shout about it and create, wait for it, a blog post called ‘How to set up email on the iPhone’; yes we know, original! Anyway lets get to the ‘nitty gritty’ – the article kindly written by Keil from PJ Web Solutions is below and we hope you find it useful and fit for its purpose.

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