Ranking on Google Places

Ranking on Google places can be a fantastic way of gaining a presence on page 1 of the Google search engine results page without having to invest in SEO campaigns or Pay per Click campaigns for search terms which include your local town. Below is a snapshot of the results page if you search for “Solicitors in Bolton”

Google Search Engine Results page

Shows Google Places Positioning within the SERPS

Not only do the Places results appear on page 1 they actually display below the first organic result meaning that your Google Placing listing has the potential to increase your websites traffic significantly due to the exposure it will be subject to within the search results.

10 tips for Ranking on Google Places

  • Ensure that your listing is 100% complete. This may be obvious but it is the single most important element of your Google ranking listing. There is a progress bar within your Google Places account showing what percentage complete your listing is. Ensure this reads 100% otherwise you won’t rank in the places listings.
  • Ensure that the company details such as address, telephone number, email etc are correct and legitimate.
  • When writing about your company and its services don’t simply copy what is on your company website. Ensure that what your write is well thought out, unique and well written.
  • Ensure you do not have duplicate listings by having 2 or more Google accounts.
  • Ensure that your customers leave reviews about your business on your Places account. It is worth the time making sure you ask them for feedback as Google see’s this feedback as a sort of tick of approval that Google can trust you.
  • Ensure that your business details that you enter on your Google Places account corresponds with other business listings you have such as Yell.com. It is well documented and widely accepted that Google checks that your Places details matches other external business directories.
  • Make updates to your Places listing. Updating your business description shows Google that you are still active by keeping your listing up to date.
  • Ensure you get as many citations as possible. The more other websites mention your business along with its address and contact details the better. A good example of a quality citation would be a listing on Yell.com
  • Do not fill your company name in with Keywords you want to rank for. It will not work and in all probability Google will penalise you.
  • Use additional information and company description to subtlety drop 1, maybe 2 of your keywords in. Ensure that it still reads well for users and do NOT keyword stuff.

It is important to note that whilst Google Places should be an essential part of any online marketing strategy it can only be used to target the area that you operate in. For example you couldn’t target places in Liverpool with a Bolton address.

I’d love to hear any other strategies that others have used when trying to optimise their Google places listing so feel free to get involved by commenting below.