Metrix Claims Management System from PJ Web Solutions

More Tricks. More Time. More Business

For companies involved in the inspection, repair and reinstatement services to the insurance industry, PJ Web are delighted to introduce Metrix™ Claims Management Systems. If you want to produce Management Information, keep up with your Service Level Agreements and manage your external workforce efficiently, Metrix™ can help you on every step of the way.

Metrix Claims Management System

Metrix™ is a customisable, highly advanced web based claims management system designed specifically for the needs of the Insurance Inspection, Repair and Reinstatement market. Metrix™ is available on a ‘pay per use’ basis to reduce internal costs, streamline business processes, achieve greater efficiencies and ultimately enable business growth.

Just some of the benefits that Metrix™ could bring to your business:

  • fully takes care of all Management Information reporting, according to the specific needs of you and your clients
  • enables swift scheduling of work
  • allows FNOL data capture
  • provides real time tracking of each claim’s progress, including outsourced activity
  • features RED/AMBER/GREEN Key Performance Indicators and alerts throughout every stage of the claim’s process

For more details about the benefits of Metrix™ and how it could enhance your business processes please read more on our Claims Management System or speak to Paul on 01204 328580.