Top 5 Tips to passing the Google Adwords Exam

Want to pass the New Google Adwords Exam? PJ Web Solutions employee Chris Ellison explains his Top 5 Tips to passing the Google Adwords Exam.

What’s New on the Google Adwords Certification Program?

Well the first major change to passing the Google Adwords Certification program is it now requires a candidate to successfully pass two exams rather than the old style of one exam. In addition to taking an extra exam, Google have also increased the pass score for the Fundamentals exam percentage from 75% to 85%. Whilst seemingly a rather large increase, this certainly gives passing the exam that extra bit of credibility and shows potential customers that indeed you do know your Google Adwords.

After you have successfully passed the Google Advertising Fundamentals Exam you are then ready to tackle any one of three more advanced exams which Google branch into the following :-

  • Search Advertising Advanced Exam – Score of 80% or higher required
  • Reporting and Analysis Exam – Score of 75% or higher required
  • Display Exam – Score of 70% or higher required.

The three advanced exams are defiantly a considerable step up in difficulty compared to the fundamental exam and good preparation is certainly required if you want to stand any chance of achieving the required passing percentage and thus passing the new Google Adwords Certification program.

Chris’s Top 5 Tips to Passing the Google Adwords Exam

Unfortunately, there is no magic way of passing new Adwords Certification program, hard work, patience and dedication are required but the reward at the end is most certainly worth it.

Top 5 Tips to passing the Google Adwords Exam– Revise!

Google Adwords Learning Centre is your bread and butter when it comes to passing both the Google Adwords exams. It contains ALL the information that you need know and to be fair Google have done a great job with organising the content. You can break each section of the Learning Centre down and learn in a modular sort of fashion. Simply put, if you know the Google Adwords Learning Centre well, you can pass both the exams, no sweat.

There is a downside to the Google Adwords learning centre material in that after around half an hour or so of reading it can quickly become extremely tedious and information is quickly forgotten meaning regular breaks are essential.

Top 5 Tips to passing the Google Adwords Exam – Get Hands On!

Have a Google Adwords Account. Simply essential. Both exams no matter which you choose WILL include many questions on the locations of certain features of the system, along with questions about what information can you access from certain tabs etc. You HAVE to have a good understanding of the structure of the system, and rather than reading up in the Google Adwords learning centre why not learn this by actually doing it?

Top 5 Tips to passing the Google Adwords Exam – Get Google’s Opinion!

Keep up to date with the latest opinions, news and guides in the Google Adwords world. Google have an official Adwords blog that is most certainly worth reading, whether your thinking of sitting the exam or not. It has opinions and information provided by Google who of course write the Google Adwords Exams so no harm can be done by using this resource.

Top 5 Tips to passing the Google Adwords Exam – Attention to Detail!

Read the questions thoroughly. Even with excellent preparation before each exam you can easily be caught out by questions that more than one answer would be suitable to use. Rather than pick the first answer you feel is the correct answer read all the options, there is a good chance that a better option exists. A good way to handle this issue is to simply mark the questions you feel have more than one answer and go back and answer them at the end. Don’t worry about the time limits, you will have enough time.

Top 5 Tips to passing the Google Adwords Exam – Confident not Cocky!

Google have ramped up the pass marks, and introduced an additional more advanced exam. By all means if your prepared be confident and rightly so, however please do not be cocky. Google’s new Adwords Certification Program is a hell of a lot more difficult than the old program and the advanced exams are not to be taken lightly and if you are not prepared enough will definitely catch you out. Google have raised the bar, which can only be good for advertising professionals and really shows that people who are certified know what they are talking about which is why the right amount of time and preparation is required to become a Google Adwords certified.

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