UK Smartphone Mobile Browsing Statistics

The amount of people who currently own a Smartphone in the UK is increasing at an alarming rate and I would guess that out of all the people you know you could count on one hand the people who do not own a Smartphone. One upshot of the world going mobile is the way we are retrieving information via the web. No longer are we sitting behind our PC’s or Laptop’s and viewing websites, we want to view websites on the move, from any location via our Smartphone’s and tablets.


Volume of the UK audience who own a Smartphone

A survey from comScore actually shows that around 49,500,000 people in the UK alone have a Smartphone which amounts to around 64% of the population.

UK Mobile Audience

UK Mobile Audience



Mobile usage percentage


Can your business afford to ignore numbers of this magnitude?

Many business owners do not feel that having a mobile website is a priority and adopt the attitude of thinking that the desktop version of their website will be fine to use on a Smartphone. Whilst it is true that Smartphones can render desktop websites it does not mean that the desktop website will function how it is intended when being used on a Smartphone. In fact in most cases a desktop website on a Smartphone is a massive turnoff for the user due to the frustrations they encounter with a subpar browsing experience.

There are many benefits of having a specific mobile optimised website however I have given my personal opinion of the top 5 benefits of having a mobile website in a seperate blog.


Age Breakdown of the 49.5 million Smartphone users in the UK

As a business owner you may use the excuse for not having a mobile website of ‘my target age group for my product or services will not have a Smartphone.’ This is an incredibly naive opinion and could lead to missing out on an awful lot of business by not bothering with a mobile website. Statistics show that whilst the age range of 25 – 34 has the highest Smartphone use ‘silver surfers’ are also becoming accustomed to this new technology and 19% of people in the 55+ age range are now using a Smartphone.


Age Breakdown of UK Mobile Audience

Age Breakdown of UK Mobile Audience


How are people actually viewing websites? Desktop vs Mobile

Whilst viewing websites from a PC / Laptop still is the most popular method of browsing the web the gap is being reduced year on year and many experts including Business Advisor predict that 2014 will be the year where viewing webpage’s on a mobile device such as a Smartphone or Tablet will in fact surpass Desktop / Laptops. Currently a massive 30% of all page views is via a Smartphone or Tablet.


Page Views Mobile vs PC

Page Views Mobile vs PC

Smartphone effect on Retail Websites

Business owners that currently do not have a mobile version of their ecommerce website should certainly rethink their online marketing strategy. Not only are more and more people using their Smartphones to make purchases they are comparing prices and checking store locations via mobile browsing. With ecommerce websites it is even more essential that your website is optimised for mobile browsing as making it as easy as possible to select products and proceed through the basket is imperative to the success of the business. By not having a mobile website you are not only losing potential customers you are handing business to your competitors who do have a easy to use mobile site on a plate.

comScore claim that

“Online shopping now reaches 9 out of 10 UK internet users on PC, while Mobile shopping is growing rapidly. Our study shows that 1 in 5 Brits used their smartphone to purchase a good or service in December 2012”


Mobile effect on Retail Websites


The above statistics show the way we view websites is changing and rapidly. Many business owners either do not realise the astonishing pace in which this change is occurring or feel that implementing a mobile website is not a top priority. I hope this article changes the mind (and priority) of every reader who owns a business to think about their website and decide whether it is worth the risk of not implementing a mobile website…

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