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North West Business Services

North West Business Services
Formed in January 2002, NWBS provides a full range of professional energy, utility and environmental management services.

Services include:
  • Utility invoice validation
  • Identification and resolution of billing queries
  • Identification and reporting of abnormal usage
  • Utility budgeting
  • Reconciliation of actual spends against budgets
  • Regular and meaningful cost and consumption reporting
  • Demand profiling
  • Site surveys

The Requirements - Utility Invoice Validation System

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PJ Web Solutions were given the task of building a back office system for North West Business Services (NWBS) who are a professional energy consultant analysing energy consumption on behalf of major national companies.  
NWBS required a Back Office System to allow their staff to input data for large companies from various utility bills for different branches and stores up and down the country.  Their system was required to automatically run data checks to ensure the bill was valid and that all the charge information was correct.
Users of the system needed the ability to add and edit store information, supplier information and required an area where they data input information from the bill so that  the validation can be carried out.
In addition NWBS needed the ability to run Management Information (MI) reports based on the information that had been entered into the system previously. PJ Web Solutions built a specific option to allow the user to export all of the invoices that appear in the system for a Store/Meter/Account with the ability to filter between certain dates.

The Solution

Business Growth
PJ Web Solutions created North West Business Services (NWBS) a bespoke web based invoice validation system that would allow NWBS to record invoice history, utility type, along with the ability to validate all invoices to ensure that the prices quoted by the utility supplier to NWBS's customer were correct.  Before the system was built Barry Cassidy, the MD at NWBS, had to perform all checks manually - taking up a lot of his time that could be put to better use elsewhere within the business.
Because the system holds a record of all invoice information from previous entries it allowed NWBS to create management information reports and formatted journals that NWBS could present to their larger clients to display the accuracy of a specific utility over a given timeframe. 

The Outcome

Cost Efficiency
Barry Cassidy, Managing Director - North West Business Services

"PJ Web has helped our company enormously by developing a ground-breaking data processing and validation system for all our Clients' energy and utility bills.

With no really suitable "off the shelf" solution from the market, PJ Web was the obvious choice for us to develop something innovative and cost-effective.

Using the system they developed has helped us to increase our turnover by nearly 90% and has improved our profitability to a significant degree."

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