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Claims Management Systems

Metrix is a customisable, highly advanced web based claims management system designed specifically for the needs of the Insurance Inspection, Repair and Reinstatement market. The system is available on an easy adoption 'pay per use' basis and enables insurance suppliers to streamline business processes, achieve greater efficiencies and ultimately enable business growth whilst reducing internal costs.


The Key Benefits of Using Metrix

  • Automated work flow in accordance with your processes, customised to your needs
  • Visibility and control of individual supplier activities
  • Differentiate performance through enhanced processes delivering higher level of service at lower cost
  • Introduces efficiencies in to your business processes
  • Differentiate your services against competitors
  • Web portal access to the system
  • Minimal set up time
  • No up-front capital expenditure
  • Secure, flexible and easy for you to administer
  • Provides a full audit trail
  • Centralised record of all communications including photographs and voice files
  • Includes a job scoping and estimating tool, customisable to your own rates; comprehensive estimates can be built in minutes
  • Access to weather data enabling accurate assessment of claim validity
  • Full MI reporting to the needs of you and your clients
  • Job scoping and estimating tool, customisable to your own rates; comprehensive estimates can be built in minutes at desk or on site

Metrix Product Features

  • FNOL data capture
  • Swift scheduling of work
  • Ability to link with Principals and Suppliers
  • Claim reserve and payment records
  • Ready production of documents
  • Library for central document storage
  • Internal diary and emailing system, facilitating a paperless system
  • Complaints & Compliment management system
  • Real time tracking of claim progress including outsourced activity
  • Red / amber / green KPI indicators and alerts for each part of the process
  • Work state of all users is visible to the management, broken down by task

The system is already used by several major insurers and suppliers, enabling highly effective procedures to instruct its supply chain upon first notification of a claim. This embraces software that ensures swift inspection and validation of claims - often within 24 hours - and same day settlement. The Metrix process has demonstrated far superior claim lifecycle times, compared to the current industry standards.

The impact is an extremely well managed portfolio of claims and a high level of policyholder satisfaction.

The claims supply chain can equally differentiate their service delivery and contain business running costs, through the improved processes and procedures that Metrix provides. This relates to both internal claims handling as well as field operations.

Metrix also facilitates desk top assessment of claims as well as the site visit and reporting functions. It achieves a high level of consistency and delivery, thus enabling swift claims decisions. Clients and policyholders are readily able to choose cash settlement, if required, and of course are provided with thorough scoping of repair and reinstatement requirements.

See what Metrix has done for some of our customers Building Validation Solutions and  Drainage Advisory Services and Assistance Ltd.  For more information, please visit www.metrixsystems.co.uk or contact us on 01204 328580
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