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Future proof your business by getting a mobile website from PJ Web

Mobile technology is evolving at an astonishing rate; increasingly people are using their Smart Phones to browse the internet as an alternative to desktop and laptop computers.  Not only are mobile devices being used to browse the Internet, savvy suppliers are enabling the easy purchase of products and services directly from a mobile website. As time and technology progresses there is no doubt that the amount of web traffic from mobile devices is going to continue to increase, meaning that having a website designed and developed specifically for a mobile device has become essential.

Having a website specifically designed for a mobile device offers many advantages over a traditional desktop website being used on a mobile device. The way people expect to use a website on a mobile device will differ from how they would use a desktop website on a computer / laptop. By not having a website that is optimised for mobile devices involves running the risk of your visitors experiencing a below par browsing experience if they are using a mobile device. Some (but not all) features that need to be considered when thinking about a mobile device:

  • Designing for a much smaller screen size
  • Good chance that the site when being viewed on a mobile website may be accessed on a slower connection than a desktop website
  • 1 column structures are often more user friendly on mobile devices
  • Strip back and focus your content to only include the essential pages of your website
  • Design for touch screen and consider that the user will not have access to a mouse
  • Optimise navigation to centre on the back button
  • Avoid the use of certain technologies such as Flash and iFrames

PJ Web Solutions use the popular jQuery Mobile engine to power all of our mobile websites which is a lightweight and specifically designed engine for mobile sites. For more information on jQuery mobile have a look at www.jquerymobile.com.

To find out whether you need a mobile version of your website or a responsive website take a look at our article "Responsive Website vs Separate Mobile Site"

If you are interested in developing a mobile version of your website or require further information on what benefits a mobile optimised website can bring, please contact us on 01204 328580 for a chat or fill in the contact form below. 
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