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Mobile friendly website

What makes a mobile friendly website and what are the benefits?

A mobile friendly website is a website that's been written specifically for browsing on mobile devices such as iPhones and Android phones. Mobiles have a much smaller screen than desktop computers meaning that you simply can't fit the same amount of information onto the screen as a desktop. This affects many aspects of a website, amongst them:

  • Navigation.
    Because of the smaller screen seeing 6 or 7 navigation items in a menu becomes impossible, so new methods have to be used to provide navigation. There are a number of options available but some of the more popular are putting the pages into a drop down list or making a menu appear full screen when tapping a menu icon.
  • Template.
    Again, due to the smaller screen, a 3 column approach perhaps wouldn't work on a mobile device. Designers and developers have to think how to get all the functionality in the template onto the smaller screen.
  • Content.
    When content is viewed on a large screen people can skip over it quickly to find bits they are interested in, much like people browse a newspaper. On mobile devices content tends to have to be read from the top to the bottom in order, so content needs to be written much more concisely.
  • Links.
    The physical tapping on the screen to go to a new page has to be considered too, our fingers are not as accurate as a mouse is, so links need to be much bigger and more spaced apart.


Enhanced user experience

Because the website is written for the screen size and user interface of a mobile this enhances the user experience because it removes the need to pinch, drag and zoom in and makes sure that links are easier to click on, meaning the user isn't constantly clicking the back button!

Improved SEO rankings

The major searches engines embraced mobile websites a long time ago. If your site serves a mobile version of your site then the search engines like Google would return your website in preference to one without a mobile friendly site for users on mobile devices. Indeed, as of April 2015 Google is believed to promoting mobile sites more readily for people searching on desktops devices too.

Gives a competitive edge

According to Adobe 2013 Digital Marketing Optimisation Survey only 45% of businesses in the UK have a mobile optimised website meaning that there is a good chance you can gain a competitive advantage by ensuring that your business does by standing out and showing you are a company who takes technology seriously and embraces it.

Improved site speed

Part of the design and development process means that the websites are designed for the slower bandwidths of mobile networks. Less content and images in the page means smaller pages and therefore fasting loading times.

Improved branding opportunities

Having a well designed, modern mobile website makes you and your companies brand stand out and instantly communicates a sense of professionalism to visitors.

Responsive website vs mobile website

There are 2 ways to make your website mobile friendly, making a responsive site or a custom mobile site. Our article "Responsive website vs mobile website" will help you decide which is better for you.

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