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Responsive website

Make sure your website works across desktops, mobiles and tablets with a responsive website from PJ Web

The statistics clearly show that people browsing the Internet from mobile and tablet devices is soaring at an astonishing rate, 80% of people now accessing the internet do so at least once from a mobile.  With mobile internet access overtaking traditional fixed line access in 2014 now, more than ever, is the time business owners need to seriously consider how they accommodate and increase sales / enquiries from users who are looking for their products or services from a mobile device. PJ Web have been at the forefront of responsive web design in Manchester and can assist you by developing a Responsive Website.

Responsive websites differ from mobile websites in that there isn't a separate website form the traditional desktop one. This means that costs are considerable reduced because you don't need of everything for the 2 separate sites, plus maintenance and updating is easier as this is only done once. If you don't know what a responsive website is, why not read our guide 'What is a responsive website?'. Not sure if responsive or mobile is the way to go, make you mind up after reading Responsive website vs Mobile website?

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