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What is a responsive website?

Get the low down with our guide to responsive websites

Responsive websites change the way they are displayed depending on screen size and orientation of the device they are being viewed on. This means that on smaller screens navigation and text size become easier to use and more legible therefore giving  the best user experience possible.

How Does a Responsive Website Work?

Responsive websites are designed to fit the main screen sizes of the desktop tablet and mobile devices without the user having to pinch out to see content or scroll sideways. The new PJ Web website is a good example of how a responsive website changes it's appearance. Here it is as viewed on a desktop:


If we were then to view the website on a iPad or other tablet we would see that the look and layout has changed to adapt to the smaller screen size:


As you can see, as the screen gets smaller the amount of information that can be shown on screen reduces. The navigation has moved and a menu button has now been introduced. The main content now also display in 1 column rather than 3. Let's now look at how it appears on a mobile device such as an iPhone:


Now you can see the navigation has adapted again, each item being full width and easier to tap on, the content is now also in one column making it easier to read on a small screen.

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